Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Past and Future

So... I've been promising to reveal this one canvas piece for the past week or two, and still I can't show it yet.  Why?  It's a comissioned piece that's meant to be a graduation present, and heaven forbid that person sees their surprise being spoiled at The Bathala Project.  But what I can do is give you a blurry sneak peak...


Fortunately, I'm almost done with another canvas piece that I can reveal to the public. I've been taking snapshots of its progress with my camera phone and uploading them to the Twitter. Full presentation soon.

This will be the final post regarding USC's fantastic PCN (I think). Troy Phi Modern's dance piece.  Pretty clean; the ladies were lovely, but if this were a battle of the sexes, I'd say that the fellas came out on top... regardless of what Usher said on "Trading Places".

Lastly, got an e-mail from Sister Melissa Sipin of TAYO Literary Magazine the other day.  Check her out:
Hi! I saw that you posted USC's Troy Philippines Muslim Suite on your blog, and just wanted to show some love for that.

I wanted to let you know about an independent project some USC TP students are involved in. Kristine Co, the Sari Manok of Muslim Suite and Alumni Coordinator of TP, and Melissa Sipin, TP Skit Director, are both Co-Directors of the new and independent TAYO Literary Magazine, a magazine showcasing Filipino American art and literature. We are partnered with the Filipino American Library. We are in the works of creating a medium that does not exist for Fil-Ams currently, and we hope to make this new magazine an annual project.

For more information, check out our beta site.
The words, "I wish stuff like this was around when I was in school" comes to mind... but I'm sure every generation has said that at one point.

Stay up.


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