Thursday, April 23, 2009

Butteryass Thursdays

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Today's piece was a bit of a quickie, and a study to see what the results would be; About 5 or so years ago, when home-made picture tees were in, I took it upon myself to make an "I Love Hip Hop" shirt. A few years and many wash cycles later, the shirt is still in ok condition, but the letters have faded drastically. Oddly enough, though the letters are still bold and recognizable, their natural fade of years of usage make it look like it's withering away, which in itself expresses how I feel about the condition of hip hop today, as well as my attitude toward it. My, how the times change.


But with the underground movements still keeping hip hop alive, as well as a few key rhymesayers in the "mainstream", I figured it's time for a new one. I decided to make a Baybayin (Alibata) shirt that says "Hip Hop", stylized to look a bit like English letters to replace the old Hip Hop tee as it gets downgraded to "undershirt". However, since I didn't have any iron-on paper to print on, I decided to go the Butteryass-Monday route - Spray paint and stencils. This one was a real quick-and-dirty piece, done in about 20 minutes or so:


The Baybayin Hip Hop Tee

In other news: THE BAYBAYIN CITY SERIES - CALIFORNIA, will be revealed TOMORROW.

Initial Teaser

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