Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Looks

Only Monday, and it's already been one of those weeks...

The "R" sounds is a tricky one. Since there's no "Ra" character expressed in Baybayin, one has to use phonetic estimations. So the word on the web is that if the "R" is following a vowel making a "Ra, Re, Ri, Ro, Ru", then one should use "Da" and the apporpriate Kudlit. However, if it's just an "R" sound, then one should use "L".



Design for Ms. Darang. Following the phonetic estimation, it really says, "Dadang". And since this is going on her hip, I suppose that's the right word.


Darang in Baybayin

Furthermore, Brother Vincent Jessen from Loyola University (Chicago) informed me that he's writing a research paper about Baybayin, and through his researched found that Baybayin is an "Abugida", which is an alpha-syllabic writing system. The difference between an Abugida and a syllabic writing system is that an Abugida requires indicators to change vowel sounds (i.e. the Baybayin Kudlit). A pure syllabic writing system (Like Japanese Katakana) just has different syllables for every pronunciation.

Good looks Vincent Jessen, stay up.

Which brings me to a thought, which will make a video rant very soon; Correcting Each Other. It seems to be a Filipino/Asian past time, but apparently we love to do it. Sometimes it's for the best, other times it's just to fuel the ego trip. There are times and places to correct each other; brother Vincent was courteous and CORRECT with his, but I've received a few that have just been... audacious and asinine.

Some people try to critique my style, saying it's wrong because I add dots-and-dashes in my handstyle.

Lord Light My Path

But really, that's just a STYLE. How are you going to call a style WRONG? Adding dots and dashes is a graffiti practice, and being in the city of Los Angeles where the graffiti scene is so strong, ofcourse I'm likely to take influence from it.


But I'll proliferate on this idea more in the upcoming video.

Working on some pitch pieces for Pnoy Apparel, and I'll reveal the special canvas piece this week. Free Swag Thursday is still crackin, so STAY UP!


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