Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Isang Bansa

Bansa Canvas (small)

Acrylic and spray paint on 18" x 24" canvas.

Colors of the Philippine flag. If you're familiar with the culture and the colors of the flag, understand that red-side up meant war. The Philippines has had a turbulent history with different subjugators, leaving the Filipino people in a constant struggle with not only the freedom of their country, but freedom of the mind from colonization.

The reds and the blues I felt were the identities between an individual striving for truth and as a colonized individual, conflicting as to who truly represented what a "Filipino" is. However, all revolve around the one unchanging constant: Bansa (Tagalog for country). In the middle of the bright, glowing sun is the Tagalog word, "Bansa", written in the ancient Filipino script of Baybayin (Alibata) which predated Spanish colonization and influence. Though her children have changed their tongues, their clothing, their last names and their gods, they all take roots from the same mother: The country, Ang Bansa

This piece is for sale, contact me at Bathala1@gmail.com with an offer and I will let you know if you have the best bid.

Biters fall back or get your teeth cracked!



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