Monday, March 2, 2009

Lord, light my path...

Tattoo design for "Lord, light my path."  According to various sources, this translates to Panginoon (Lord) bigyan ang liwanag (give light) ang aking daan (to my path/way)

Lord Light My Path

I'm quite pleased at how this one came out.  I finally came up with a "Nga" and a "O/U" character that I'm satisfied with.  This time around, the characters remain separated, as I felt that individually they could stand by themselves.  

The phrase, "Lord, light my path" is rather interesting.  It's asking a higher power to show you the way, but the question is, will you follow it?  If someone gave you a book which detailed your entire life ahead of you, would you follow the book?  Would you try to change it?  Or would you not look at it at all?  I suppose this comes from the entire free-will vs destiny debate.  If we're destined/predetermined to follow a path, is our will truly free?  By asking a higher power to light your path, what are you truly asking for?  To show a way to change your destiny?

I believe we are the writers of our destiny, and yet the universe still has a general plan.  I suppose our lives are about finding out why we're heading in the direction that we are, and figuring out how to do it...



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