Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Included in this post are photos from CLUB NV (MARCH 21ST 2009, SATURDAY), so to all you lovely people that are expecting photos, just continue to scroll down...

In other news...

I went up to the Bay area for the weekend to celebrate my cousin April's birthday. It was my first time using Virgin America airlines, and I must say... everything you've heard is TRUE.


Interactive screens, selectable interactive menus for food, drinks, video games (Old school Doom!), movies, tv shows, and WIFI?! And comparable prices with Southwest and Jet Blue! I'm sold.


Went street stomping for a little bit with cousin Kyrk, and guess who I found at Rasputin's Record Shop in Berkley? Bay area knows what's GOOD.


**** And now for the Club NV pictures ****
The disclaimer: First of all, to all the people coming to this site looking for your pictures, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm NOT a club photographer. I'm a Baybayin Artist... that sometimes takes photographs of people at clubs and hand them my business card, which brings them to my website. Clever promotion, no? But I'll still post up your pictures, don't worry.

And anyways...

At night, went to Club NV to celebrate Ms. April's birthday, along with her cousins. And now for the pictures... (*Readies club-soft-blur mode*)




White girl got an Asian glow.



And THE WINNER of the fake-club-photographer series is this woman and her friend. To be honest, the only reason why I approached them to take their picture was because my cousin April pointed out that you could see the girl in blue's boobs. I said, really??? But she was too far to get a good look. So in my usual style, I approached and inquired, "Picture for the website?" Apparently, my cousin was referring to side/top boob, not center boob.


The word that's faux-tattooed on her is "Magkalapit", which refers to two people being close in proximity... or two breasts being close. Whatever.

*** end club pics ***

The next day, I was finally able to present to April her birthday present, the "Agape" canvas.


Agape translates to "Christian Love", but is generally referred to as "God's love". My cousin used to tag Agape (on paper and legal walls, mind you) and she used to be heavy into the church-community. She still is, but not as much as she used to be...

Agape canvas

Stomped around the city, had lunch with the fam at Max's Chicken of Manila:


And had a fight with Jolli-BEAST


Came back home, and now I'm back on the artwork grind! Trying to finish this special project... details soon to come!

Stay up,


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