Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bay Area Echoes

NEW CANVAS PIECE DONE, and new tattoo done too! Pictures and presentation soon to come, but let's kick back for the weekend, yes?

It's been exactly 1 year and 1 week since I took this video during my cousin's 21st birthday in San Francisco:

And funny enough, a year later during my cousin's 22nd birthday, history repeated itself:

The point I want to bring out here is the Bay Area (NorCal) vs SoCal rivalry that seems to be in the air. It's never been official, but it's often referenced and regarded. Non-Californians that have only been to one and never both don't fully understand the differences, but those who know can honestly tell you that it's like being in a different state or country altogether.

Which brings me to my find of the WEEK! As a Southern Californian (and Los Angelino), the differences between the Bay and So-Cal are apparent in reference to my experience having lived in So-Cal. While late night YouTube-ing last night, just for kicks I typed in "Norcal vs Socal"... link after link I finally hit the hilarious jackpot: has fortunately led me to Bay Life: The Life and Times of Saul Cohen

A hilarious and outlandish exaggeration of a kid spitting Bay colloquialisms and mannerisms...

Granted that Bay heads aren't actually like this, but at the same time, there are some that ARE exactly like this... "Aye blood!" In SoCal, that's understood as a Blood Gang association, but in the Bay, it's referred to as a term of endearment, like "brother" or "fam". It's odd for a SoCal-head to hear "blood" from a Bay head and not know what's being meant... and it's hilariously exploited throughout this wonderful YouTube series.

Still not as prolific as ButteryAss Mondays, but still enjoyable anyways. It's a small series, so watch it and favorite it...

Spoken Word Sunday tomorrow? Maybe.
New Art coming soon.


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