Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spoken Word Sunday (and then some...)

Be sure to watch in HD:

This week's Spoken Word Sunday's piece, Caramel Complexion, is performed by my good friend Ian Porter (aka DJ Stimey). Stimey is my brother in rhyme, representing the other half of the Wise Intellects Crew. And when he's not kicking ass on the mic, you can catch him doing some dope artwork with special effects make-up and illustration.  The piece, unofficially titled "Caramel Complexion", is Stimey's perspective on being half-black, half-white, and his thoughts on how society treated him as such while growing up in a racially conscious world...

Unfortunately, the camera I've been using to make these videos, my Lumix LX3, was stolen/lost at a kickback over the weekend... don't worry though, the videos will still continue, they just might not look as pretty.

And in other news...
Went to Eagle Rock Plaza to show support to the Gabriela Network's event.  GabNet is a fil-am women's community organization, promoting leadership, organization and education.  Word.  Unfortunately, my cousin and I arrived when the stage hands were dismantling the performance stage.  Still, had the opportunity to talk and introduce myself with their crew. 

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And ofcourse, all your familiar heads around the way. DJ Phatrick chillin with GabNet.

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Some BakitWhy heads were in the house as well:

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Pretty chill though we only caught the event on the tail end. When I got home, the 6-day Santa brought a brotha a gift:

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Lastly, for last week's Free Swag Thursday, the brotha Leonard from VA won some swag. Instead of doing my usual break-and-repetition style, I've been experimenting lately with more hand-style driven scripts. Leonard will be the first to receive a custom piece with the new steezy on his book mark:

Leonard Car

Characters used were "Le, Na, D". New canvas piece soon to be revealed, unless you've been staying up on my Youtube and Vimeo accounts, then you might've already seen the vids... you nosey kids!

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