Thursday, March 26, 2009

FST: Free Swag Thursday

And yet another Free Swag Thursday has came and went! If you wish to participate, be sure to follow The Bathala Project on either Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes FST (Free Swag Thursday) is Twitter exclusive, other times Facebook exclusive, but for the most part, it's on both. So just keep an eye out!

Last week's FST winner, Janelle, is being sent (late) this name card:

Janelle name card copy

It doesn't really look that grimey in real life, but I thought it looked cool to raise the contrast. The name card is the phonetic translation of her name, Janelle, as "De-A-Ne-L". Since there is no "J" in ancient Tagalog, the characters "De" and "A" are used in conjunction to put out a similar sound. Hence, the word for Christ Jesus in Tagalog is "Dios Kristo". The characters get sprinkled with some handstyle and shaped into a love-ly heart, a little something special to compensate for the late send.

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