Monday, March 16, 2009

You can't see the tears rollin down my eyes... I gotta make this piece cry.  (ala Jay-Z)

This week's piece was heavily inspired by KR's drip style.  Many attribute to him the drip style of graffiti, but in reality, drippy and juicy tags have existed since the first over-loaded brush hit the wall; long before KR was ever considered a thought.  To pay homage to the graffiti roots however, I show in this video how to make a classic home-made mop of the most finest quality.  Be sure to follow the link if you want to watch in HD:

Written in Baybayin (alibata) is "Luha", the Tagalog word for "Tears".  

The drips... silver is sorrow, gold is for joy. Joy runs thin while sorrow runs thick; it'd be nice if we cry out of joy more often, but chances are, you're crying for reasons of sorrow... or you're yawning a lot. Click the picture for full size.

Baybayin Canvas: Luha (tears)

Copyright reserved.  Biters fall back or get your teeth cracked.



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