Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butteryass Mind Zone

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To better describe what the "Butteryass Mind Zone" is, check out this video by Donovan who invented the term (And if you don't know about Butterass Mondays, you NEED to watch!)

Lately, I've been hitting that Butterass Mind Zone by just staying up late, until that white-noise insomnia status hits, and at that point my mind just starts throwing slops of creativity in an act of desparation to stay sane...

So the other night, I thought of doing a pitch piece for 

I thought, I could try to write "Bakit" in Baybayin, within the shape of a question mark!  It might've work (and it might work still), but since "Bakit" is expressed by only three characters (Ba, Ke, T), the empty space didn't really hold up too well.


But this was just a first try.  So I thought it would get better with more consecutive tries... it didn't.



Around this time, it was about 3 a.m.  Distraught, I just started writing it out in as many different ways as possible... then a certain handstyle started coming out of the wood works.  

My friend John is a script writer, and he tells me that he spends a couple of hours everyday to try to write something.  He says that the idea isn't to come up with pages and pages of gold, but that would be great if it did.  Because honestly, that creative sweet spot comes and goes, and sometimes, you have to write pages of shit for that one paragraph of gold...

So as I was banging away at the page, something started to manifest... I won't show you JUST yet, but the evolution of it all is somewhere on this page...


Finally took the style to the wall... please believe, this is just a test.  I'll reveal the final canvas piece soon, with a pretty video to show you some of the technique as well.  And for all you fellow artists, unless you've flirted with a 594, you wouldn't know about this Shaolin technique of "painting" that I'll introduce soon...


When worst comes to worst, my peoples comes first.
Stay up!



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