Saturday, March 21, 2009

From L.A. to the Bay...

Bay Area fam! (That's Northern California {That's the San Francisco/Oakland area} for you non-californians)

I'll be stomping around the Oakland/Sucka Free this weekend until Tuesday, so if you wanna meet up and discuss or get some on-the-spot translations/designs, email me!

This week has been quite busy, been producing some concept work for a couple of commission pieces and pitch designs... if all goes well, you might be seeing some familiar hand styles on a shirt near you! Also working on a very special canvas piece... that will be revealed in the upcoming week (or two).

Lastly, though I will be in the Bay until Tuesday, Spoken Word Sunday is still ON... kind of. Just stay tuned!

And before I fly on over to Nor-Cal, lemme break you off with some freshness

Dyan copy

Baybayin design for Dyan. It says her name, Dyan.

There were two ways about phonetically translating the name, "Dyan", which were either as Da-yan or De-yan. After consulting with her, it was decided that De-yan would be the closest translation to her pronounced name.

I'm quite satisfied at how the characters came out; I developed a bit more on my regular break-and-repetition style, and followed the curve lines more closely. I think it came out quite nicely.

Biters fall back or get your teeth cracked!



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